Dr. Jim Garrow: Gods Umbrella of Covering Protection

Dr. Jim Garrow
Gods Umbrella of Covering Protection:

Dr.Jim Garrow

“I will curse those that curse thee and bless those that bless thee.”

Many learned the use of the syllogistic statement in late high school or college/university. “If this…..then that” is an easy summary of the form itself. The statement by God himself as referenced in the Scriptures speaks to the syllogism of the relationship between the results of blessing on Gods people Israel and the results of cursing Gods people Israel.

The blessings or curse of God accrued in the forgoing paragraph to those that would either bless or curse Israel. The question is this – does this cursing or blessing apply today? It was Lord Balfour in his Declaration before the United Nations that brought Israel on the scene as a new born nation acknowledged as a place necessary for the survival of a people group heretofore targeted for extermination. The 5,000 year history of that particular land was that of the Israelites and showed their early habitation, their enslavement and relocation, their punishment at the hands of an angry God who continued to love them in spite of their sin and idolatry. God declares after the initial blessing and curse statement, that Israel would be “reviled by all men” and yet through Israel and its seed (Jesus) all of mankind would be blessed. Talk about running hot and cold. Nothing would come easy to the stiff necked people of Israel who were as likely to turn away from God as they were to obey Him.

Through the past 100 years America has been in the unique position to offering protection and status to Israel almost in lock step with the worship of the God of the Bible and the special status that God had for Israel through suffering and blessing both. Has the United States been a direct recipient of Gods blessings? I believe that it has. Will God continue to bless America in these seemingly “last days” of history? It would appear so. The symbiotic relationship of blessings or cursing with the common denominator of Israel seems to be Americas lot in history and perhaps and this is only conjecture on my part, America exists only for Israel in its final days in history. Whether our part is to be blessed or cursed remains to be seen. But as we can attest to, there was a nervous period when the fraud in the White House gave preference to his muslim brethren as he tried through sleight of hand to claim status as a Christian. As days go by the evidence mounts that Obama was indeed an islamist and not a Christian. Perhaps those two years studying to be an Imam in Indonesia might have clued us in to his religious preferences.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

Dr. Jim Garrow

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. 

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