Dr. Jim Garrow: We Told God To Get Out Of Our Schools And Our Public Square

We Told God To Get Out Of Our Schools And Our Public Square:

Dr. Jim Garrow

Sadly, the above is a summary of pretty stupid moves on our part (that is the collective our – meaning the nation). We told the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to hit the road and leave us alone. Of course, it was our political class and the education mavens who actually did the dirty and kicked our butts out of the classroom. It is a real indictment of our belief that our government was actually doing what we the people wanted and the Founding Fathers had put in place. Instead, the powers that be were inviting their communist buddies into the sanctuary that was America in the beginning. A place where God was honoured and a sense of right and wrong was agreed upon.

To say that the communists/socialists wreaked havoc is to understate what they really did. The insecurity that they brought across the nation, left many backing off from the public sphere fearful of being sued, embarrassed publicly, charged criminally or rendered irrelevant and out of the sphere of influence. We allowed ourselves to be bullied and silenced. The ascendence of Donald Trump, the less than perfect leader who many of us would never admit that we either voted for or considered buffoonish, brought a real surprise to the table. Who would have placed their trust in such a character – let me state the obvious – God did. He knew what America needed, a flawed man with just a bit of a faith developing, who knew how to gather leaders around him and sift through the folks who stepped up and fire those who needed firing once he saw who and what they were.

I have to admit that if it were up to my brilliance man would still be living in caves, and the wheel would never have been invented. But there are some who would look at the outward me and think that I could do things that I cannot and that I had far more value than I really do. Like the choice of Saul to be King, many would choose wrongly and prove that Gods assessment that we “look on the outward appearance” while He “looks at the heart” is truth. David didn’t look the part for the Israelites but Saul appealed to whatever was their current thinking. Wrong call.

Donald Trump is making moves, starting on his knees before the God of the Founding Fathers, and are actually draining the swamp and clearing the debris, the deadwood and the hangers-on. He proved on television that he isn’t afraid to fire people and in reality, is doing the same thing and seeing beyond the outward appearance and going to the heart of skill sets and loyalty to America as the driving principles. Good calls, he certainly has my support.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –