IS PRESIDENT TRUMP CAVING INTO THE DEEP STATE? I can understand the idea of keeping your enemies close so you can keep your eye on them. Maybe Trump should make Soros Secretary of State.

But to put your enemies in positions of power, and then take advice from them, is anything but wisdom. When you go to battle, you do not do this.

Say President Trump is on a small island in the middle of a swamp, surrounded by poisonous snakes filled with poisonous lies, and hungry alligators thirsty for blood and meat. You can fight them or feed them. Eventually they are going to wait, finding your weaknesses, and devour you.

When I voted for Trump, I was voting against the Conspiracy for global government and an alliance with Russia to fight against internationalism.

I would not let my family make important decisions which should be the will of the people you serve. I would put into power people I know and trust, American national patriots. And if Trump is devoured, Pence is an internationalist too. When Trump had men like Roger Stone as a mediator between him and the deplorables, Trump kept in touch with his base, but now he has men who filter any public opinion from him. When the President runs out of meat, the Globalist will take over.

Terry Shepherd