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Oriental Stuff:

Dr. Jim Garrow

As many of us know there are circles of influence around the world and America has had the privilege of being one of the countries with a vast reach across the planet and great presence. Of late our stature as a nation took some very real hits but the voters set the ship of state on a right course with the election of President Trump. Whether you like him or not, he has the respect of world leaders resulting from his very strategic moves to flex the muscles of America militarily, economically and morally. You would almost think that he knew what he was doing – and he most certainly does.

In another sphere of influence that seeks to broaden its sway and increase its ability to control those close by is China. Under the rather brilliant and relentless Xi, China is now the undisputed leader of the East. The recent command appearance by little Un in Beijing shows that Xi not only has control but also has the good sense to time things appropriately. This first-ever command performance showed the world who is stepping up and who genuflects on command. Un needs economic support and also a nuke here or there and only Xi can provide either to his commie/dictator neighbour. It is also important to note that the very obvious heeling of the North Korean dog on command before a nervous world, shows that Xi is indeed in control.

When you know who your enemy is and the strength that they have and the real influence that they possess, you can plan accordingly. President Trump has shown the mettle of a leader who can move when he should and show patience when he should. Xi moved into the Sankuku Island chain and then the Spratlys saw the building of air bases. President Trump sent the fleet to remind Xi and the world that America moves at will anywhere and everywhere that it sees fit even to the mouth of the lair of China.

The leaders have squared off, the lackeys have been reined in, the stage is now set for some diplomatic back and forth and both Xi and Trump are letting the world know that a new era of detante has arrived. Breathe a sigh of relief folks, the new Sheriff in our town has met the bully on the streets of Dodge and forced him to back off while appearing to save face. Be proud of your President America, this is one savvy dude.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –