CA AG Becerra: California Is 'Definitely and Imminently' Filing a Lawsuit Against Trump's Emergency

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said he “definitely and imminently” planned to file a lawsuit challenging President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency on the U.S.-Mexico border. When asked if and when a lawsuit will happen, Becerra said, “Definitely, and imminently.” He added, “We are prepared. We knew something like…

Timeline: Jussie Smollett Hate Hoax Attack

Weeks after “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett made allegations that he was violently beaten by men who hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him, placed a rope around his neck like a noose, and shouted, “This is MAGA country,” local authorities suspect Smollett of orchestrating the attack. [READ MORE HERE] Source: Breitbart

VIDEO: Two Mexican Journalists Shot in Ambush, One Dead

A team of gunmen ambushed two Mexican journalists in the city of Hermosillo, Sonoro, killing one of them and injuring the second one. The murder marks the third murder of a journalist in 2019 and the fifth murder of its kind since Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office in December 2018. [READ MORE…